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Who is Michels? What do they have to offer? Is it the right fit for me, my family, and my future? We get it. Lots of questions are buzzing around you. To be completely honest, it's tough to answer those questions quickly. It's a feeling that comes out of more than five decades of teamwork, growth, and innovation under our belt. All because our team is who makes it happen. Our team is our game-changer. Heck yeah we expect a lot. And our team expects a lot out of Michels, too. That's precisely why we strive to raise the bar in what we deliver to our people.
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Please feel free to contact the Talent Acquisition team at Michels with any questions regarding positions posted, difficulties with applying online or any other inquiry via email at or telephone at 920.924.8755.

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The opportunities are unlimited. Michels allows you the opportunity to step up and offer your knowledge and expertise. They support you 110 percent and will give you the opportunity to be successful.

- David, Michels Pipe Services