Continue in a culture of action & never-quit attitudes

At Michels, we value what you value: The strong leadership skills, character, and ethics you developed while serving our country. The grit and determination that comes from an environment of respect and hard work is a perfect fit on our team in all positions.

We are proud to hire qualified, talented veterans who have proven to be tough enough to handle the responsibilities and decision-making that service requires. Michels recruits those on active duty who are about to join the civilian workforce, veterans, and members of the National Guard and Reserve. If you’re looking to stay in a world with no excuses, join our team at Michels. We’re the best at what we do because of your commitment to being just as hungry alongside us, tackling challenges, and embracing innovation.

Meet our people & culture:

The opportunities are unlimited. Michels allows you the opportunity to step up and offer your knowledge and expertise. They support you 110 percent and will give you the opportunity to be successful.

- David, Michels Pipe Services