Because "status quo" is boring

There’s abundant opportunity for all team members at Michels Corporation. With thousands of team members across hundreds of positions, there truly is something for everyone. Whether in the field or in the office, Michels team members grow along with the company into new, exciting positions and responsibilities.

It’s not about measuring up against objectives and metrics. It’s about displaying leadership, displaying a drive to continue to learn, and finding successful outcomes through creative means that benefit all.To get there, Michels University is a platform that allows team members to build and strengthen their skills. Whether you’re looking to advance credentials in a specific field or find ways to continually grow throughout your career, Michels supports your development as a team member and as a person. If it’s growing you, it’s growing Michels.

Meet our people & culture:

"The infrastructure in the United States is failing and the importance of replacing it is great. You may not be able to see the final results because it is often buried under the ground, but the satisfaction is still the same: You are helping improve America's infrastructure. We are guided by our Core Values and to pushing the limits of what is possible for each one of us as individuals and as Michels."

- Matt S.