We have a lot of pride and a lot of passion.

Here at Michels, we have a commitment to one another. It's a team that's larger than ourselves and one that has high expectations for the way we do business and work together. If you're not put off by always having a drive to succeed and finding ways to win together in the face of every day challenges, then it sounds like we might be a great fit for each other.

In our line of work, we know that having, "the best" is vital to success. Whether that's the best heavy equipment, the best software, the best processes, or the best team members to get the job done. Afterall, it's our people who live out the Michels core values and share their strengths and talents with the world.

Meet our people & culture:

"The infrastructure in the United States is failing and the importance of replacing it is great. You may not be able to see the final results because it is often buried under the ground, but the satisfaction is still the same: You are helping improve America's infrastructure. We are guided by our Core Values and to pushing the limits of what is possible for each one of us as individuals and as Michels."

- Matt S.