Position Location
Administrative Assistant Brownsville, WI Corporate Office
Administrative Assistant Kirkland, WA
Backhoe Operator-Gas Distribution Pipeline Owatonna, MN
Backhoe Operator-Gas Distribution Pipeline St. Cloud, MN
Directional Drill Operator-Pipeline Owatonna, MN
Directional Drill Operator-Pipeline St. Cloud, MN
Field Assistant Lakeville, MN
Field Assistant Rogers, MN
Fuser/Fitter-Gas Distribution Pipeline Owatonna, MN
Fuser/Fitter-Gas Distribution Pipeline St. Cloud, MN
Laborer-Gas Distribution Pipeline Owatonna, MN
Laborer-Gas Distribution Pipeline St. Cloud, MN
Project Controls Specialst Sioux Falls, SD
Project Engineer -Pipeline Brownsville, WI Corporate Office
Project Engineer -Pipeline Lakeville, MN
Project Engineer -Pipeline Missoula, MT
Project Engineer -Pipeline Sioux Falls, SD
Project Manager-Pipeline Kirkland, WA
QA/QC inspector Lakeville, MN
QA/QC inspector Missoula, MT
QA/QC inspector Montgomery, IL
QA/QC inspector Rio Vista, CA
QA/QC inspector Syracuse, NY
QA/QC inspector Washington, PA
Yard Assistant Washington, PA

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