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The best way to find out what it's like to be a team member at Michels is to speak candidly with any one of our Michels team members. Since you're here, though, we'll see if we can get you an idea of how your career and life can change for the better when you're a part of our team.

Our core values guide every action we take and every person we hire. Without these guiding principles, Michels quickly becomes "just another employer." Through our combination of family-rooted business and exponential, world-wide growth, the Michels team is the perfect fit for anyone who matches up with these core values:

The reason you wake up and go to work everyday is the reason we prioritize a promise to safety. While others call it Stop Work Authority, we call it our Stop Work Promise. Our team members make a promise to each other to refuse to do work they feel is unsafe or they are not qualified to perform.

At Michels, we like to tell it the way it is. People who join our ranks have a strong moral compass, build relationships on trust, and stand up for what's right. No one on our team is perfect, but we all tell it the way it is. We're all human and we all make mistakes. The difference is owning up to your decisions - good or bad. And learning from them.

Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses. Michels is the best at what we do because of your commitment to being just as hungry alongside us, tackling challenges, and embracing innovation. Bring it on.

Michels was founded on the principle of providing the best for customers and the team alike. Our continued success and growth requires a family spirit - which we define as an unwavering commitment to support, respect, trust, and caring for each other.

Sustainable Operations
When you join Michels, our stability and pride are owned by you. Which translates into continued growth and more opportunities for our team, company, and for you individually. Over the last 50+ years, and for the next 50+ years, the attitude and effort of our team are what will continue to define us.

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Meet our people & culture:

"The infrastructure in the United States is failing and the importance of replacing it is great. You may not be able to see the final results because it is often buried under the ground, but the satisfaction is still the same: You are helping improve America's infrastructure. We are guided by our Core Values and to pushing the limits of what is possible for each one of us as individuals and as Michels."

- Matt S.